Wednesday, August 25, 2010

News & upcoming events

Here is an update on Tom & Laurie Reese's upcoming events.

MOON DANCER WINERY 2010 FOLK FESTIVAL -- Labor Day Week-end! Donegal Ridge (formerly Wyndfall) plays from 7 to 9 pm on Saturday night -- full line-up at the Moon Dancer Website: $20 paid once gets you in both days! Make a week-end of it!

CHADDSFORD WINERY JAZZ FESTIVAL -- also Labor Day Week-end! TRP plays on Monday, from 12:30 to approx. 2 pm.

CLAUDE BOLLING SUITES FOR FLUTE, CELLO & JAZZ PIANO TRIO. Line-up: Tom Reese (flute), Beth Trez (piano), Laurie Haines Reese (cello), Keith Mohler (bass) & Dave Young (drums). We have had our noses to the grind-stone preparing the Claude Bolling Suites. We're doing two Suites: for Flute & Jazz Piano Trio, and for Cello & Jazz Piano Trio. These concerts start on October 24th at the Church of the Apostles in Lancaster, PA -- more are being added to the schedule (& will show up on our on-line calendar ... soon...)!

DONEGAL RIDGE (our celtic band, formerly called Wyndfall) is busy this month playing two "1/2 - way to St. Patty's" shows. 9/10 at the Black Gryphon in Elizabethtown & 9/17 at Geezer's in Jacobus, PA. More news at the Donegal Ridge website, -- yes, it still says Wyndfall ... look for a NEW SITE DESIGN coming soon!

REESE BROTHERS: Tom & Kirk Reese are playing on the Riverboat, the Pride of the Susquehanna, on City Island in Harrisburg, PA on September 30th. They recently finished a new duo recording: Connected. Available at gig & by emailing us!

Thanks for tuning in to this episode of "what are those guys up to now??"

We hope to see you soon!

Laurie & Tom Reese

Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Video!

Check out our new video on Vimeo, thanks to Wilkum Studios! It's us, The Reese Project, at the Moon Dancer Winery Jazz Festival. Beautiful shots of the Susquehanna River, the sky was gorgeous that day ... there's also audience shots! See if you can find yourself in the video! Also, we'd love to hear from you about the vid. Thanks for watching! It's 4 min & 40 sec; it flies by!

You don't have to join Vimeo to watch, only to leave comments!

Happy heat wave!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I love Spring!

Spring came early this year; it's just as well. Winter was getting a little ... well, cold... you know. The earth is happier when spring comes early. Tons of projects to finish up this spring... Tom & Kirk Reese have recorded a new CD called The Reese Brothers: Connected. It's a mix of all kinds of stuff, not only jazz, but more. Tunes include "Keep Your Eye on the Prize," Theme from Gunsmoke, Blackberry Winter, and the Death Scene from the Untouchables. Quite a variety! Artwork is nearly finished; it will be out on the radio soon. We'll keep you posted...
Other projects include me doing a concert of Beethoven cello Sonatas with Simon Andrews, pianist. That'll be part of the Lancaster Summer Arts Festival, in Lancaster, PA.
Another project is our Music & Art Craft Kits -- 1) a Make-at-Home ocarina kit, called "From Earth to Song." You can find it at Make your own wind instrument, decorate it, and learn to play it! A deluxe Music Book is included. 2) MyOcarina Decorating kit -- this one comes with it's own hand-made instrument that you decorate & learn to play!
We started to plant an orchard today ... 2 apple trees, next year (if these guys make it!) will be pears, plums, cherries, and maybe peaches. Yum! We're into edible, organic landscaping. I hope our neighbors don't mind!
The cats are happiest of all... Miles, our new Ragdoll (that's the best picture of him we can get -- all I usually get is the tip of his tail as he runs off!), gets to go outside, something the other two cats had never dreamed of. We live on a busy street, so they can only go out in the back of the house -- it's ok with them! Plenty to smell & roll around in back there!
Tom & I are doing a series of concert this fall featuring the Claude Bolling Suites for Flute (#1) & Cello with Jazz Piano Trio. They are two separate suites; we're doing a whole concert of Bolling's music! Our piano trio is Beth Trez (piano), Keith Mohler (bass) & Dave Young (drums). We are very excited about this project!
I guess my very next project is to get some sleep ... thanks for listening! Sincerely, Laurie Haines Reese, Cellist for The Reese Project, Wyndfall & more!