Thursday, June 7, 2012

Monday Manhattans at the Black Gryphon in Elizabethtown, PA!

Please make your reservations now!  717-367-1859

Monday Manhattans at the Black Gryphon in Elizabethtown, PA! 

Susquehanna Trio Tom Reese (flutes), Laurie Haines Reese (cello) Tish Haines Brown (piano, violin) 

 Join the Susquehanna Trio in a program of excerpts from the Claude Bolling Suites for Cello & Flute with Jazz Piano, as well as favorites from the Beatles, interspersed with classical & folk music. The Bolling will include Baroque & Blue, Irlandaise & Veloce from the Flute Suite, and Baroque in Rhythm, Romantique & Cello Fan from the Cello Suite. Beatles tunes will include Eleanor Rigby, All Across the Universe, Norwegian Wood, Yesterday & Michelle. Traditional folk tunes & music from JS Bach includes Planxty Fanny Po'er and the beautiful Bach Arioso, plus more! 

Advance tickets for dinner & the show are $10 (call 717-367-1859 now for reservations) and $15 at the door. Don't miss this exciting one-time only opportunity. Susquehanna performs elegant chamber music, with Tom Reese (flutes), Tish Haines Brown (violin & piano), and Laurie Haines Reese (cello). 

See photos & listen to sound bites on our website at

Come for dinner & the music! Advance tickets $10, at the door $15. Please make your reservations now!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

June 2012

Wow!   June 2012 is here already.    Probably half over before you can blink...

It's been a busy season for us. We are still playing at the Watering Trough every Wednesday night, so if you haven't had a chance yet to come out for dinner & the music -- come on down! Music is 6 to 9, and if you're in the mood, karaoke starts at 9 pm in the bar next door to the restaurant where we play! We are having guests this week & next. Tonight is Mark, singer/songwriter. Next week is Chaz DePaolo, blues guitar with his trio. A very special event indeed! June 20th will be Tom & I, as MuZette (folk fusion). The 27th will be the Haines Sisters playing classical & folk music (me on cello & my sister, Tish, playing violin). Food specials include a dozen wings for $4.25, plus great steak dinners at $9.95.

The silent film project is going really well! Tom & I (sometimes with Kirk Reese, pianist & my brother-in-law), perform our original musical score live, while viewing the film with the audience. You can see more about that on our website, along with a video explanation.

Each month, we have been showing a different film on our local Cable tv channel, LCTV 66. This month is Oliver Twist, followed closely (sometime in July!) with our recorded score to Buster Keaton's "College."A big thank-you goes out to our friends at LCTV & those of you who are viewing it!

Two films this week:

6/10/12 -- "College" -- a Buster Keaton belly-laugher -- is showing at the Goggleworks in Reading, PA this Sunday, June 10th, at 12:30 pm. $6 admission.

6/16/12 -- "The General" -- Buster Keaton's comedy masterpiece using trains -- is showing June 16th at 10 am at the Ware Center in Lancaster, PA as part of the "Ware Center Jazz Festival 2012".  You can see more info here:

Tom & I are going to take our silent film project out west this fall; stay tuned for locations. So far we are booked in and around Kansas City, KS & the Mohavi Desert in Arizona, & LA in September.

Our gardening projects fill in any spare time we might have...

We hope you have a great summer!